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bangalore-metroBangalore is the original ‘Garden City‘ of India which was a retirement destination for many to live a peaceful life in good health. The Information Technology boom during the 1990s earned it the name the ‘Silicon Valley of India‘ and the name on book was changed to ‘Bengaluru’. The IT city witnessed several rapid changes during the 2000s – including some changes in its flora and outlook, infrastructural challenges and skyrocketing cost of living factors. Despite all these, Bengaluru still continues to be among the top 10 cities to live in India and why?

Top 10 Positives about Bangalore

1. Weather: This is no brainer. The first thing that everyone talks about Bangalore is its pleasant weather. Situated at 3000ft above the sea level, Bangalore gets a max temperature of only 33 or 34 degree Celsius during summer (March to May). It offers very pleasant weather during the rest of the year.

2. Low Pollution: With manufacturing not being its mainstream industry, the pollution levels in the city are relatively low compared to other big cities in India.

3. Real Cosmo-city: The Bangaloreans are warm and welcoming people by nature. The city is a great example of cosmopolitan living with all cultures present here and people from all over India – and now from all over the world thanks to IT boom – living in harmony. It’s really one of the best cities to live in India.

4. Job Opportunities: Compared to the other South Indian cities, Bangalore offers more job opportunities for professionals from all disciplines. The IT industry has helped other supporting industries to grow faster and hence the city is one of the first choices for job-seekers.

5. Good mix of tradition and modernity: Despite all that modernity catching up, Bangalore has still managed to preserve its old charm – thanks to the great culture and tradition that the city – and Karnataka in general – population is proud to maintain.

6. Investment friendly for entrepreneurs: Bangalore is among the top teen global investment destinations. No wonder why more and more MNCs are rushing into Bangalore to establish their Indian operations.

7. Still a garden city: With a number of lush green parks and tanks still available within the city limits, it maintains the garden city status despite a few environmental challenges and population explosion.

8. Speak any language! You are understood: No other city can match Bangalore on this aspect. Be it English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi or whatever – you will be heard and replied. Can it get any better?

9. Water and Electricity: The city hasn’t faced any major shortage when it comes to water or electricity supply all these years. Well, the situation is getting a bit tricky but not as bad as most big cities in India.

10. India’s pride: Ranking 4th among all cities in terms of contribution to GDP ($83 billion), Bangalore is on fast track in terms of leading India’s growth story.

Things to watch out for

Well, for those who are moving into Bangalore, there are still a few things that you may need to be aware of. The cost of living, pollen allergy, bad traffic situation, poor airport access etc are some of the challenges in Bangalore. But these negative aspects are far outweighed by the number of positives that the city has to offer.

Bangalore really rocks!


  1. mohandas kunnath |

    Bangalore a wonderful city to live with its pleasant weather. A fusion of tradition and modernity Shopping yes you can see the latest fashion and of course traditional too. A choice for the foodies.One of the Colourful and Vibrant city in the country.
    Watch out traffic. No casual driving.Prepare for the unexpected traffic blocks and bad roads.

  2. Devasis |

    Bangalore is a city I fell in love with when I came here as a Management Trainee in HAL straight from IIT kanpur. In Oct 1968.
    I stayed at Jalahalli AFTC, Wilson gardens, and started my married life in the extreme outskirts of Bangalore in Indira Nagar in 1970 in a full house for the princely rent of Rs150 per month.
    I left Bangalore in 1972 spending time in Lucknow, UK,USSR, Koraput and came to OLD MADRAS RD HAL senior qrs in 1994.
    Have seen Old Madras Rd change since the past 21 years.
    The changes in population,wealth,cars,traffic makes me nostalgic when I rode a cycle every Sunday to Ramakrishna math in Bull Temple road.
    This is a highly cosmopolitan city which is unique and has a niche for all.
    Our own CG is a microcosm of this bustling metropolis.
    Today I think the wealth gap has widened.
    Aeronautics has grown, blossomed and is Bangalore’speciality.
    The climate is excellent and we really enjoy it.
    Devasis Chowdhury

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