The following are the recurring activities at the Club-house open area apart from the indoor games. Please contact the Maintenance Manager via intercom or mobile number to block a free slot for any recurring event or interest group activity. Please read the Guidelines for usage of the Club house.

CG Club-house Weekly Calendar

Guidelines for D – Block Club House Usage

  • The D-block Clubhouse is primarily for usage as follows
    • Playing of indoor games like Table Tennis, Carrom by residents
    • Classes for residents
  • Residents will be allowed to play indoor games in the D-block clubhouse
    • Residents playing the games should ensure no damage to the playing equipment.
    • Proper care should be taken to ensure the TT table is covered with the protective cover after last players complete their games.
    • Carrom Boards should be handled with care and respective equipment should be stored properly after the games are completed.
  • D-block clubhouse will also have regular classes for residents only. These classes will range from Dance, Yoga, Aerobics, Singing, Music, Karate, etc.,
    • Guaranteed slot cannot be ensured for any new classes. Class organizers will have to refer to the existing schedule provided and speak to other class organizers.
    • Schedule provided for the classes should be adhered to. Any changes should be resolved by speaking to respective class organizers.
    • Non-residents of Celestial Greens should not be allowed to participate in the classes.
  • D-block clubhouse will not be provided for private functions, parties.
  • Clubhouse can also be used for any association / community functions which are open to all residents of Celestial Greens.


Club House is your own property. Be responsible & keep it clean.