The community hall is available on a rental basis for any private functions to be organized by CG residents.

Guidelines and Reservation

Please contact the Maintenance Manager and make the payment as per the tariff mentioned in the Guidelines below in order to book the hall. Please check the availability in the calendar below.

Guidelines for C – Block Community Hall Usage

  • The C-block Community hall can be booked only by residents for their family functions, family gatherings or family receptions. Typical use for birthday Parties, Family gatherings, Pooja or Bhajan’s (without any major fire usage). Usage should be for non-commercial purpose.
  • The community hall can be used by the CG Association for any meetings, community functions
  • The community hall can also be used for non-commercial community related functions.
  • Bookings can be done 3 months in advance. Residents should not have any pending dues at the time of usage of community hall.
  • Booking to be made in the Community Hall Register with Maintenance Manager
  • Maintenance Manager to confirm the booking in writing (by issuing a receipt) after taking Usage Charges and Security Deposit. Booking will not be confirmed till the money is paid in full.
    • Half Day (10:00am – 4:00pm) – 6hrs – Rs 500/-
    • Half Day (5:00pm – 11:00pm) – 6hrs – Rs 500/-
    • Full Day (10:00am – 11:00pm) – 13hrs – Rs 1000/-
    • Security Deposit (other than usage charges) – Rs 500/-
  • Time has to be strictly maintained. If the party/event is extended more than half day booked time, full day charges will apply.
  • Extreme care has to be taken while putting up decorative items. Please ensure that the false ceiling / wall and other parts of the hall are free of adhesive tapes / decorative items before handing over. Please use dustbins for all waste and clean up buntings and balloons after party. Clean up charges are applicable, if plates, balloons or any kind of items are thrown around in Community Hall during handover.
  • If window blinds, glass or wall is damaged, charges will be deducted from Security deposit. If trash is thrown around in Community hall, cleaning up charges of Rs 350 will be deducted. If something is broken (example: Window blinds, chairs, lights, glass windows, or graffiti on wall) and charges for fixing are found to be more that security deposit, full damage cost will be borne by booking party.
  • No cooking is allowed inside C Block Club House. Food items remaining should be disposed off properly and NOT be disposed off into the bathroom/toilet. It is the responsibility of the resident to inform the caterers or their staff accordingly.
  • Parties/functions should not exceed the stipulated time of 11:00 PM. Please avoid loud music and noise beyond 11:00 PM.
  • In case of any questions, contact Maintenance Manager or reach out to Core Team members.

 Community Hall is your own property.  Be responsible & keep it clean.