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CG view from frontHaving lived at Celestial Greens apartments for more than ten years, I am glad to have made it my home. At CG, there is always a kind of warmth in the atmosphere which I believe is largely due to the vibrant community here.

When we first moved in we had to manage with very basic facilities which meant a trip to Indiranagar to buy grocery and stuff. But now I am no more dependent on weekend shopping as the area saw huge development within a short span of time which meant threat to my hubby’s wallet.

Celestial Greens is next door to Gopalan Signature Mall which houses famous brands like Lifestyle, Shoppers Stop, Auchan etc. To top it all we have Gopalan Cinemas in case you are in a mood to hang out at a movie hall without having to beat the traffic.

The biggest attraction however is our community get- together for various functions and activities. The vibe and enthusiasm of the residents is definitely contagious. Let me remind you that CG is a mixed community with people from various ethnicity. So, when it comes to celebrating regional festivals, CG is very accommodating and enthusiastic with people from all regions getting together and putting up a great show regardless of the type of festivals. This proves unity in Diversity at CG. I guess this is what makes CG special. If it weren’t for the lovely community, I guess we would be like any other boring apartments which just boasts of some classy pool and gyms.

Over years I have made some good friends who are more like family members to me and now I cant think of a life beyond celestial greens.My son has had the privilege of growing up with kids his own age and just like me he cannot think of life beyond CG too. Come summer and our kids can enjoy the huge clean swimming pool and what a treat it is to watch the kids splashing, diving and generally frolicking around in water.

Few of us ladies cannot do without the badminton court these days. This for us is great way of releasing stress through gossip, exercise and recreation.

I would also like to commend our active office bearers and volunteers for the effort they take to maintain the apartment the way it is even after 10 years. If it weren’t for the active security on toes, CG would have been an unsafe place with such buzz and activity around. Our gardener is also doing a great job maintaining the greenery inside CG. I enjoy looking at all the additions being made time and again. Special mention to the banana plant which never fails to grab my attention. Just noticed a huge banana cluster behind C block while walking around the trail the other day.

Another attraction especially to my visitors is a ride in the metro. With Byappanahalli Metro Station, so close to our home, I am such a big show-off ! Also KR Puram Railway Station, being just 0.5 km away, all I need to do is pack my bags and hop into the train without having to travel much to the station. Indiranagar and MG road being close by, I am just so content with the right placing of our apartment.

Above all, I am so glad that we have Cauvery water supply without which I cant imagine life with a constant worry for my family’s health when it comes to compromising on the quality of water. In short, with everything so close you hardly need to drive out for shopping, dining, cinemas etc.

I could just go on and on but let me wrap up by saying that CG is truly a celestial place to live in.

So, what do you think ?

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