What makes CG different from other apartments in Bangalore is its vibrant community. Celestial Greens is a wonderful place to live in for all age-groups – be it toddlers, teens or seniors – in a family friendly and protected environment.

Community Activities

CG Vibrant CommunityThe activities at CG is not just limited to a Diwali celebration, community dinner or New Year party. The following are some of the celebrations and activities that have been taking place at CG for many years now.

  • Republic Day Celebrations
  • CG Sports Day events
  • Walkathon event
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations
  • Onam Celebrations
  • Diwali Celebrations & community dinner
  • Sri Saraswati Puja Celebrations
  • Christmas celebrations
  • New Year Party & Dinner

Apart from the above mandatory events, there are library activities for kids, science-vedic quiz programs, fun-fairs, food-stalls, sale and display of goods etc occur from time to time.

Interest Groups

There are several spirited interest groups who indulge in activities such as Yoga, meditation, slokas, Art-of-Living etc apart from various sports interest groups.

Overall, one would never be living in boredom in an active community like Celestial Greens’.