The Annual Sports of Celestial Greens is one of the key events every year. This year we continue with the CG Championship Trophy to be awarded to the block (A/B/C/D) which gets the highest points by the end of our swimming competitions in June. D Block were the Champions for the last two years. Who will it be this time?

Check out the results by clicking on the respective tabs below.


Event Category Winner Runner A B C D
TABLE TENNIS Girls Singles Gayatri (D203) Abha(C603) 3 5
Boys(8-12) Singles Ashwin (D203) Vishnu (B205) 3 5
Boys(12-15) Singles Shreyas (C502) Samar (D403) 5 3
Womens Singles Sindhu (A505) Hema (B005) 5 3
Mens Singles Liaqat (D306) Surender (D403) 8
Mens Doubles Surender(D403) /Liyaqat(D306) Ravi(D502) /Abhishek(B104) 3 8
CARROM Boys Singles Samar (D403) Rohan (A301) 3 5
Women Singles Shilpa (D003) Hema (B005) 3 5
Men Singles Surender (D403) Tridiv (A201) 3 5
CHESS Children(< 12 yrs) Shruthi (B306) Rohan (A504) 3 5
Children(12-15 yrs) Adithya (D407) Shikhar (D003) 8
Open Harsha (C009) Tridiv (A201) 3 5
BADMINTON Children(8-10) Singles Ashwin (D203) Shaurya (D003) 8
Girls(10-15) Singles Abha (C603) Gayathri (D203) 5 3
Boys(10-15) Singles Shikhar (D003) Milind (D206) 8
Womens Singles Hema (B005) Shilpa (D003) 5 3
Mens Singles Prakhar (D003) Venkat (C104) 3 5
Womens Doubles Hema (B005) / Harsha (C009) Shilpa (D003) / Supriya (B104) 8 5 3
Mens Doubles Surender (D403) / Liaqat (D306) Vimal (D301) / Abhishek (B104) 3 8
WALKATHON Team Event A-block B-block 50 30 20 10
SWIMMING Across all categories D-block C-block 23 10 43 54
Total 90 73 89 154


Participants Won By Score
Children (8-10 years) Singles
Round 1
Atharva Gadgil(C-603) vs Ashwin Sunil(D-203) Ashwin Sunil 10-21, 8-21
Shaurya Nashine(D-003) vs Riya Lall(A-504) Shaurya Nashine 20-4, 20-5
Shaurya Nashine(D-003) vs Ashwin Sunil(D-203) Ashwin Sunil 20-21, 18-21
Girl’s (10-15 years) Singles
Gayathri Sunil(D-203) vs Abha Gadgil(C-603) Abha Gadgil 11-21, 12-21
Boy’s (10-15 years) Singles
Round 1
Rohan Lall(A-504) vs Yashas Karuvat(C-502) Rohan Lall 21-10, 21-14
Shaheer Haque(B-401) vs Shikhar Nashine(D-003) Shikhar Nashine 21-2, 21-9
Aditya Ajith(D-407) vs Yatindra Charan(D301) Aditya Ajith 21-3, 21-11
Milind Nair(D-206) vs Aniruddh (??) Milind Nair w/o
Vishnu Venkitesh(B-205) vs Rohan Lall(A-504) Rohan Lall 20-21, 21-20,10-11
Rohan Lall(A-504) vs Shikhar Nashine(D-003) Shikhar Nashine 1-21, 3-21
Aditya Ajith(D-407) vs Milind Nair(D-206) Milind Nair 18-21, 12-21
Shikhar Nashine(D-003) vs Milind Nair(D-206) Shikhar Nashine 21-8, 21-7
Women’s Singles
Round 1
Shilpa Nashine(D-003) vs Harsha Dhanani(C-009) Shilpa Nashine 21-10, 21-15
Hema Nagesh (B005) vs Supriya (B104) Hema Nagesh 21-10, 21-0
Hema Nagesh (B005) vs Shilpa Nashine(D-003) Hema Nagesh 21-11, 21-6
Men’s Singles
Round 1
Prakhar Nashine (D-003) vs Dinesh P(C-403) Prakhar Nashine 21-5, 21-14
Abhishek(B104) vs Tridiv Ojha(A-201) Abhishek 21-7, 21-4
Venkatraman S(C-104) vs Venkitesh(B-205) Venkatraman S 21-8, 21-10
Sarang Gadgil(C-603) vs Aritra Chatterjee(??) Sarang Gadgil 21-10, 21-10
Joseph(??) vs Arun R(B-303) Joseph 21-19, 21-5
Sunil R(D-203) vs Vimal R(D-301) Vimal R 18-21, 10-21
Ajith Prasad(D-407) vs Liaqat Ali(D-306) Ajith Prasad 21-17, 21-13
Quarter Finals
Prakhar Nashine(D-003) vs Joseph(??) Prakhar Nashine w/o
Ajith Prasad(D-407) vs Sarang Gadgil(C-603) Sarang Gadgil 21-18, 20-21, 10-11
Vimal R(D-301) vs Abhishek(B104) Vimal R 18-21, 21-20, 11-10
Venkatraman S(C-104) vs Surender Bamel(D-403) Venkatraman S 21-18, 16-21, 11-4
Semi Finals
Venkatraman S(C-104) vs Vimal R(D-301) Venkatraman S 21-7, 21-15
Prakhar Nashine(D-003) vs Sarang Gadgil(C-603) Prakhar Nashine 21-17, 21-17
Prakhar Nashine(D-003) vs Venkatraman S(C-104) Prakhar Nashine 21-11, 21-16
Women’s Doubles
Hema(B005)/Harsha(C009) vs Supriya(B104)/Shilpa(D003) Hema/Harsha 21-16, 21-12
Men’s Doubles
Round 1
Surender(D403)/Liaqat(D306) vs Prakhar(D003)/Aritra(??) Surender/Liaqat 21-16, 17-21, 11-5
Venkat(C104)/Joseph(??) vs Dinesh(C403)/Venkitesh(B205) Venkat/Joseph 21-7, 21-1
Vimal(D301)/Abhishek(B104) vs Ajith(D407)/Tridiv(A201) Vimal/Abhishek 18-21, 21-11, 11-6
Semi Finals
Venkat(C104)/Joseph(??) vs Surender(D403)/Liaqat(D306) Surender/Liaqat 8-21, 21-19,10-11
Vimal(D301)/Abhishek(B104) vs Sarang(C603)/Sunil(D203) Vimal/Abhishek 21-17, 18-21, 11-5
Surender(D403)/Liaqat(D306) vs Vimal(D301)/Abhishek(B104) Surender/Liaqat 21-11, 21-16


Participants Won By Score
Girl’s Singles
Round 1
Abha Gadgil(C 603) vs Alina Khan(C 306) Abha Gadgil 10-0, 10-1
Gayatri Sunil(D203) vs Abha Gadgil(C603) Gayatri Sunil 9-11, 10-5, 10-8
Women’s Singles
Round 1
Sindhu Mothukuri(A505) vs Madhu Sarangi(D507) Sindhu Mothukuri 10-8, 10-2
Hema Nagesh(B005) vs Shilpa Nashine(D003) Hema Nagesh 6-10, 10-7, 11-9
Sindhu Mothukuri(A505) vs Hema Nagesh(B005) Sindhu Mothukuri 10-6, 11-9, 10-4
Boy’s (8-12 years) Singles
Round 1
Yashas Karuvat(C502) vs Shyam(C204) Yashas w/o
Ashwin S(D 203) vs Rohal Lall(A504) Ashwin S 10-8, 10-2
Vishnu Venkitesh(B205) vs Harshal Ojha(A201) Vishnu Venkitesh 10-8, 10-6
Shaurya Nashine(D003) vs Yatindra Vimal (D301) Shaurya Nashine 10-4, 10-6
Round 2
Ashwin S(D 203) vs Yashas Karuvat(C 502) Ashwin S 10-1, 10-5
Vishnu Venkatesh(B 205) vs Shaurya Nashine(D 003) Vishnu Venkatesh 10-8, 10-8
Ashwin S(D 203) vs Vishnu Venkitesh(B 205) Ashwin S 10-2, 10-4 10-2
Boy’s (12-15 years) Singles
Round 1
Samar Bamel( D403) vs Aniruddh Sridhar(A305) Samar Bamel 10-1, 10-4
Shikhar Nashine(D003) vs Aditya Ajith(D407) Shikhar Nashine 10-7, 10-3
Shreyas Karuvat(C502) vs Shaheer Haque (B401) Shreyas Karuvat 10-4, 10-3
Round 2
Shreyas Karuvat(C502) vs Shikhar Nashine(D003) Shreyas Karuvat 10-7, 10-7
Samar Bamel(D403) vs Rohan Sahoo(A301) Samar Bamel 10-5, 6-10, 10-5
Shreyas Karuvat(C502) vs Samar Bamel(D403) Shreyas Karuvat 10-8, 10-7, 10-7
Mens’s Doubles
Surender Bamel(D403) /Liyaqat Ali(D306) vs Ravi Andrews(D502)/Abhishek Chandan(B104) Surender /Liyaqat 21-16, 21-12
Men’s Singles
Round 1
Surender Bamel(D403) vs Abhishek Chandan (B104) Surender Bamel 11-5, deuce, 11-3
Liaqat Ali (D305) vs Ravi Andrews(D502) Liaqat Ali 21-15, 21-12
Pulkit Gupta(C506) vs Digambar Karande (B102) Pulkit Gupta 21-12, 18-21, 21-12
Round 2
Surender Bamel(D403) vs Pulkit Gupta(C506) Surender Bamel 21-18, 21-12
Surender Bamel(D403) vs Liaqat Ali (D305) Liaqat Ali 7-11, 12-10, 11-6, 7-11, 13-11, 3-11, 9-11


Participants Won By Score
Boy’s Singles
Semi Finals
Samar Bamel(D403) vs Shikar Nashine (D003) Samar 7-0, 6-0, 1-0
Samar Bamel (D403) vs Rohan Sahoo (A301) Samar Bamel 8-0, 2-0, 0-8
Women’s Singles
Semi Finals
Shilpa Nashine (D003) vs Harsha (C009) Shilpa 6-0, 8-0, 11-0
Mala (C006) vs Hema Nagesh (B005) Hema Nagesh 0-1, 0-6, 1-0
Shilpa Nashine (D003) vs Hema Nagesh (B005) Shilpa Nashine 6-0, 1-0, 8-0
Men’s Singles
Quarter Finals
Chandan Dhanani (C009) vs Venkitesh (B205) Venkitesh 0-6, 3-0, 0-7
Abhijit (C202) vs Surender (D403) Surender 0-8, 0-7
Semi Finals
Prakhar (D003) vs Surender (D403) Surender 0-9, 0-6
Venkitesh (B205) vs Tridiv Ojha (A201) Tridiv Ojha
Surender (D403) vs Tridiv Ojha (A201) Surender 1-0, 8-0, 9-0


Participants Won By
Children (Less than 12 years)
Round 1
Rohan Lall (A504) vs Aarushi Chaudhari (C202) Rohan Lall
Neerja Dhanani (C009) vs Arco C (C006) Neerja Dhanani
M Varshit (C505) vs A Ramnarayan (C504) M Varshit
Naren C S (D505) vs Sohaam R (D606) Naren C S
Sanjay S (D602) vs Ashwin S (D203) Sanjay S
Shruthi Karthik (B306) vs Viralika Lulani (D002) Shruthi Karthik
Round 2
Rohan Lall (A504) vs Neerja Dhanani (C009) Rohan Lall
M Varshit (C505) bt Yatindra Vimal (D301) M Varshit
Shruthi Karthik (B306) bt Shaurya Nashine (D003) Shruthi Karthik
Sanjay S (D602) vs Naren C S (D505) Sanjay S
Semi Finals
Rohan Lall (A504) vs M Varshit (C505) Rohan Lall
Shruthi Karthik (B306) vs Sanjay S (D602) Shruthi Karthik
Shruthi Karthik (B306) vs Rohan Lall (A504) Shruthi Karthik
Children (12 to 15 years)
Round 1
Shikhar Nashine (D003) vs Samar Bamel (D403) Shikhar Nashine
Aditya Ajith (D407) vs Aniruddh Sridhar (A305) Aditya Ajith
Round 2
Shikhar Nashine (D003) vs Rohan Sahoo (A301) Shikhar Nashine
Aditya Ajith (D407) bt Gayathri Sunil (D203) Aditya Ajith
Aditya Ajith (D407) vs Shikhar Nashine (D003) Aditya Ajith
Open Category
Round 1
Harsha Dhanani (C009) vs Chandan Dhanani (C009) Harsha Dhanani
Abhijit Chaudhari (C202) vs Venkitesh (B205) Abhijit Chaudhari
Round 2
Tridiv Ojha (A201) vs Abhijit Chaudhari (C202) Tridiv Ojha
Harsha Dhanani (C009) vs Tridiv Ojha (A201) Harsha Dhanani

This year’s walkathon was in a completely new format. Unlike the earlier years when this was an individual event, this year the format was modified to a team event.

Each block (A/B/C/D) was asked to select a team comprising of 12 members ( 1 Senior Citizen Woman, 2 Senior Citizen Men, 5 Women and 4 Men). The members of the team would each have to complete 2 rounds minimum around the CG designated walking track. The team would thus have to complete 24 rounds by the 12 participants within 2 hours. Any team that completes the 24 rounds before the 2 hours are entitled to take additional rounds by their team members until the end of the 2 hour period.

In the end, A-block team completed 31 rounds but were ahead of B-block who also completed 31 rounds. The C-block completed 30 rounds and finished ahead of D-block who completed 30 rounds too.

The new format was liked by all participants and audience. A few comments from Yahoo Groups below:

Lalitha Samith(A302): Without doubt, this was the best and the most fun filled walkathon I have ever participated in CG.. The effect of team spirit was amazing as opposed to our individual walks earlier. Kudos to the people who suggested this format and to each and every person who helped in organising and managing this event and making it such a big success. Once again thank you for a really fun filled evening.

Padma Sriram(C106): The Walkathon was very innovatively planned and very well organised. Congratulations to the organisers and participants, for getting us all together for a fun-filled evening.

Hema Mohan(C401): I agree this walkathon was a cool and unique idea.we enjoyed every bit of it.I congratulate all A block winners.what a comeback!.I also congratulate all the other team captains and the participants for putting such a wonderful effort. Thanks to the organisers,Naseem and his team,all the volunteers without their tiredless efforts,this show would have not been a Hit show. Thanks to one and all.I had a wonderful time participating.keep it up all of you and all the best for the next year.

Ajith Prasad(D407): Totally agree with the other comments. The new exciting Walkathon format, as a blockwise team event, was really good. Kudos to the brains behind this innovation. Our thanks to organizers, volunteers and supporters who came in good numbers to cheer us. We had a lot of fun participating in the event and hope to see more such fun-filled, innovative events in the future.