The Celestial Greens Badminton League – CGBL 2014 – second edition started on August 01. The event was conducted across three days (01-Aug, 02-Aug, 03-Aug) at the indoor badminton facility at Gopalan International School, Whitefield.

Three teams namely Super Strikers(led by Rajesh Siva), Power Smashers(led by Prakhar) and CG Shuttlers(led by Gulprit) were part of the League! The event had a participation of 37 shuttlers this year across men, women and children categories and various formats.

Super Strikers (SS) CG Shuttlers (CGS) Power Smashers (PS)
Rajesh Siva Gulpreet Singh Prakhar Nashine
Venkatraman Sarang Gadgil Raghu B
Saurabh Dinesh P Ajith Edessary
Paramesh Tridiv Ojha Vimalkumar / Suresh Colla
Venkitesh Mohan Iyer Rajesh P
Pramila Rajesh Vidya Ajith Manju TG
Hema Mohan Shilpa Nashine Bindu Sunil
Seema Karuvat Namrata Gulpreet Hema Nagesh
Rahul Shikhar Samar
Milind Aditya Ajith Shreyas K
Pranav Harshal Shreyas P
Abha Gadgil Gayathri Sunil Aradhana B

The event witnessed many interesting and closely fought games. After 42 matches, The CG Shuttlers finally emerged as Winners! The 3 teams were so evenly matched that as last year, it again took the very last match (which happened to be a cracking 3 setter) of the tournament to finally decide the championships!!

The intensity and commitment at display from all the players was a treat to watch with all of them giving their 150% to win matches for their teams.


Given below is the table of matches with scores and points.

Category Players Score PS CGS SS
Tie-1 Power Smashers vs CG Shuttlers
Mens Doubles 1 Prakhar/Rajesh P vs Mohan/Dinesh  21-12, 21-13       
Mens Singles Raghu vs Gulprit 17-21, 14-21      
Womens Doubles Manju/Bindu vs Vidya/Namratha  21-20, 21-20       
Mixed Doubles Sarang/Shilpa vs Vimal/Hema N 21-17, 21-17       
Mens Doubles 2 Ajith/Vimal vs Mohan/Tridiv 21-10, 21-17      
Boys Doubles Shreyas K/Shreyas P vs Shikhar/Harshal  15-21, 14-21      
Mixed Doubles Kids Aradhana/Samar vs Gayathri/Aditya  17-21, 14-21      
Tie-2 CG Shuttlers vs Super Strikers
Mens Doubles 1 Tridiv/Mohan vs Saurabh/Paramesh  21-16, 21-20       
Mens Singles Sarang vs Venkitesh  21-2, 21-8       
Womens Doubles Vidya/Namratha vs Prameela/Seema 14-21, 4-21      
Mixed Doubles Sarang/Shilpa vs Venkat/Hema M  21-20,14-21, 11-8       
Mens Doubles 2 Gulprit/Dinesh vs Venkat/Rajesh S  14-21, 17-21       
Boys Doubles Shikhar/Harshal vs Milind/Pranav 21-17, 21-17       
Mixed Doubles Kids Gayathri/Aditya vs Abha/Rahul  21-13, 16-21, 7-11      
Tie-3 Power Smashers vs Super Strikers
Mens Doubles 1 Vimal/Ajith vs Saurabh/Venkitesh  21-5, 21-11      
Mens Singles Raghu vs Rajesh S 17-21, 8-21      
Womens Doubles Manju/Bindu vs Prameela/Seema  20-21, 16-21       
Mixed Doubles Raghu/Hema N vs Paramesh/Hema M  21-15, 21-12       
Mens Doubles 2 Prakhar/Rajesh P vs Venkat/Saurabh  21-15, 13-21, 11-10       
Boys Doubles Samar/Shreyas vs Rahul/Pranav  21-15, 21-15       
Mixed Doubles Kids Aradhana/Shreyas P vs Abha/Milind   10-21, 11-21      
Tie-4 Super Strikers vs Power Smashers
Mens Doubles 1 Venkat/Rajesh S vs Prakhar/Ajith  15-21, 21-12,5-11       
Mens Singles Paramesh vs Ajith 2-21, 8-21      
Womens Doubles Prameela/Seema vs Manju/Bindu  21-15, 21-9       
Mixed Doubles Rajesh S/Hema M vs Raghu/Hema N  21-20, 21-11       
Mens Doubles 2 Saurabh/Venkitesh vs Suresh C/Rajesh P  21-15, 21-13      
Boys Doubles Milind/Pranav vs Samar/Shreyas K  15-21, 7-21       
Mixed Doubles Kids Abha/Rahul vs Aradhana/Shreyas P  21-3, 21-7       
Tie-5 Super Strikers vs CG Shuttlers
Mens Doubles 1 Venkat/Rajesh S vs Sarang/Dinesh  21-9, 21-14       
Mens Singles Paramesh vs Tridiv  16-21, 17-21       
Womens Doubles Prameela/Seema vs Shilpa/Namratha  21-13, 21-11       
Mixed Doubles Venkitesh/Hema M vs Gulprit/Vidya 9-21, 13-21       
Mens Doubles 2 Saurabh/Venkitesh vs Mohan/Dinesh 18-21, 16-21       
Boys Doubles Rahul/Milind vs Shikhar/Harshal  21-16, 13-21, 7-11       
Mixed Doubles Kids Abha/Pranav vs Gayathri/Aditya  21-14, 21-17       
Tie-6 CG Shuttlers vs Power Smashers
Mens Doubles 1 Mohan/Dinesh vs Rajesh P/Suresh C 21-6, 21-11       
Mens Singles Tridiv vs Raghu  5-21, 7-21       
Womens Doubles Vidya/Namratha vs Manju/Bindu  16-21, 13-21      
Mixed Doubles Gulprit/Shilpa vs Prakhar/Hema M  21-19, 21-17       
Mens Doubles 2 Sarang/Gulprit vs Prakhar/Ajith  14-21, 21-18, 11-5       
Boys Doubles Shikhar/Harshal vs Samar/Shreyas P  11-21, 20-21       
Mixed Doubles Kids Gayathi/Aditya vs Aradhana/Shreyas K  17-21, 21-13, 11-10        
Total Points 14 15 13
Bonus Points 2 3 1
Final Points 16 18 14