The following are some of the facilities available at Celestial Greens.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool @ CGCG has one of the best swimming pools among apartment complexes of its size. The 20 meter x 10 meter main pool is equipped with a water recycling unit that keeps the water clean and tidy all the time. The pool is 6′ on its deepest side and offers safety features such as lifebuoys and full length safety rails on one side. The tracks are clearly marked on the bed so that it helps not only swimming enthusiasts but also the participants of our Annual CG Swimming championship.

There’re separate change and shower rooms for men and women. For toddlers, there’s a small pool available adjacent to the main pool.

The swimming pool at CG is closed on Mondays for detailed cleaning while regular cleaning takes place at 9AM every day.

Badminton & Basketball Courts

The outdoor badminton court is located on east side the building and it is a place crowded with badminton enthusiasts on all mornings. CG’s annual sports events include a Badminton tournament too which used to take place in this court every year. From last year onwards, Children's play area at CGwe have started availing an indoor badminton facility for the annual badminton event – especially after people started to graduate from mere recreational players to serious badminton freaks.

Adjacent to the badminton court lies our (semi) basket ball court that the CG kids make full use of at their free time.

Children’s play area

The kids play area that’s filled with sanitized sand keeps our toddlers and lads busy in their world.

The children’s play area has all basic play amenities such as swings, rocking ducks, slides, merry-go-round, see-saw, activity structures etc that kids enjoy while their moms can relax on the stone benches nearby.

Walking / Jogging Track

CG walkathon on our jogging track
The walking trail or jogging track around the complex is exactly half a kilometer in stretch. This facility is utilized by health freaks among us from all age groups during mornings and evenings. Since the building is a good 150m away from the main road, there’s no dust pollution nor noise pollution which makes the routine walks more enjoyable.

This trail is also used for the annual Walkathon event which is something very unique to Celestial Greens.


A basic gymnasium has been provided at the sixth floor of A-block that has equipments such as elliptical trainer, butterfly machine, exercise bikes, weights, dumbbells, benches and racks. A basic music system has been provided in the Gym for those who enjoy working out when the music is on.

A small Library for kids is operating out of the gym premises on Friday evenings. This is another exciting initiative by a few enthusiastic CG ladies who conduct weekly activities for kids along with lending books for free

Community Hall

Community events at our facilitiesA 2000 sqft community hall is located above the sixth floor of C-block that can be utilized by the residents for conducting get-togethers and parties. This place can host about 200-250 people for events such as conferences. The availability of this hall is via prior-booking and a nominal charge of Rs.500/- per half day is applicable along with a refundable deposit of Rs.500/-.

Club House

Above the sixth floor of the D-block has a small club-house facility that can be used for conducting activities such as training programs (dance, drawing, music etc) for residents. This place also has a table tennis table and facilities for board games such as carroms and chess.