Celestial Greens, like most apartments, has its lifeline depend on its infrastructure.


We have two diesel generators located at the basements of the AB-block and CD block respectively. At any given time, only one generator need to be on and it has sufficient ability to power the devices in the common areas (lifts, motors and all common lights) and the single power point in each apartment.  The generators are triggered automatically once the BESCOM power is not available. A changeover switch helps is switching between which generator is active at a given time.


Each block A, B, C and D have one lift that spans SEVEN floors (from Basement to 6th floor). The A-block and B-block lift are of OTIS make and the same firm manages the routine maintenance. The A-block lift has automatic doors and the B-block lift door is to be operated manually. The C-block and D-block lifts are manufactured by Johnson Lifts and the same firm manages the routine maintenance. The lifts have all been fitted with Automatic Rescue devices which helps the lifts move to the nearest floor in the event of a power failure.

Water Supply

Celestial Greens gets its water supply mainly from the BWSSB. The Cauvery water is what goes into the kitchens and bathrooms. Under special circumstances when the BWSSB supply is affected, we purchase water from tanker services.

We have three large sumps supported by four overhead tanks that holds sufficiently large quantity of water, just in case of any shortage.

Fire Safety Infrastructure

Celestial Greens boasts of a modern fire fighting infrastructure that includes centralized alarm and announcement system, high-power wet risers, hose reels, variety of fire extinguishers and large overhead tanks. Fire engines have access to all parts of the building.

Please watch the following video to know more about our fire safety infrastructure and tips on how to deal with fire emergencies.

Rain Water Harvesting

CG has implemented a Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) system not because it is a mandatory requirement from the authorities but out of our commitment to green living. We have already started seeing good results of our RWH implementation and our bore well is not drying out as it used to in the past.

Apart from the RWH system, we are also practicing various water conservation measures at CG.

Intercom Infrastructure

Every apartment at CG is equipped with an intercom unit which can be used to communicate with other residents in the same building, security personnel or the estate manager.

CCTV Surveillance

The first phase of CCTV installation was done in the beginning of 2014. This has enhanced the security at our premises, primarily at the gate, approach road and the pickup area. The second and third phases will be executed in the coming years as and when the proposal and budget approved for the same.