What’s New in CG? A Picture Tour…


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For the benefit of those who own an apartment at Celestial Greens but not staying here, here are a few things that changed in CG during the year 2013-14.

The painting project is under progress and here’s how the building looked before…

Celestial Greens Old

…and here’s comparable shot with the new shades (Work not completed yet, e.g. the name board)
Celestial Greens - New Opening near AB garden

Celestial Greens - Elevation

There is a new approach road between the swimming pool and the AB block in order to comply with fire engine access norms. Normal vehicular traffic is not allowed on this road but emergency services such as ambulance are allowed.
Celestial Greens - New Opening near AB garden

The above change, also helped in providing a non-slippery alternative access to AB block
Celestial Greens - Non-slippery path

The fire engine access around the building has been improved with widened and leveled periphery road.
Road in front of A block widened

The fire engine can now get very close to all blocks, thanks to the widened access in front of the swimming pool
Road in front of A block widened

While some landscaping activities are still pending…
Road behind A-block

…there are some new good things around the campus as well.
Landscaping near pool garden

Landscaping near A-block

Landscaping in front of A-block path

We have enhanced our security within the campus with CCTV cameras in a few key locations…
CCTV cameras

…and tracking enabled from the security hut, managers cabin and anywhere from the web
CCTV 4-channel display

Visitors’ car parking area finally belongs to visitors!
Visitors car parking

And… there is a new glossy sign board welcoming you to Celestial Greens now! (The arch was removed to let fire trucks in)
New name board at gate


So, what do you think ?

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