Achievements During 2012-13

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Achievements 2012-132012-’13 was yet another fruitful year for the elected management committee at Celestial Greens. The following is the secretary’s report on the activities undertaken and executed by the committee in charge.

We would like to thank you all active committee members, sub-committees and volunteers for their extra-ordinary support to make CG a great place to live.

General Maintenance

• The Security Room at the main gate got new furniture, drapes, and a fresh coat of paint.
• Retractable sun-shed installed near the main gate for the convenience of school children and their parents.
• Large cracks on the balcony side walls of C-block community hall and D-block clubhouse got fixed.
• Broken balcony door of D-block clubhouse replaced.
• Clubhouse and community hall bathrooms have been fitted with Mirror, soap case and towel stand.
• Sun-films put on D-block clubhouse windows to curb heat.
• False roofing done for D-block clubhouse to curb heat.
• Both C-block community hall and the D-block clubhouse got a fresh coat of paint.
• The jogging track leveled at places and obstructions removed near the basketball court.
• New lights fitted along the walking track to make the walking/jogging experience safer and pleasurable in the evenings and to improve the lighting condition in the campus from general safety and security standpoint.
• Overhead water tanks, sewage water sumps and interconnecting chambers cleaned at regular interval.
• Exit from C & D block lifts made easier by creating railing-guarded pathways to the driveway. These pathways have been lighted adequately and side walls have been smoothened to avoid brushing against rough walls.
• Installed industry-standard speed breakers at 2 places along the driveway from main gate to CD ramp.
• Installed 2 large convex mirrors at CD ramp for safety while driving.
• Pillar-guards added to the pillars at the turn from AB basement driveway to CD basement driveway. Several other pillars at sharp/blind turns painted with black & yellow stripes to make them clearly visible to drivers.
• All red coloured fire hose boxes painted to prevent rusting.
• Broken tiles and skirtings replaced in corridors and in clubhouse and community-hall.
• Replaced the tiled surface outside AB block lifts with stone as the tiles were often getting damaged.
• Added new floor mats in all lifts as the older ones had worn out.

Electrical Maintenance

• Automatic Rescue Device installed in all four lifts to make our lifts safer.
• Both the DG sets were overhauled including repair of various electromechanical parts and oil change.
• Earthing connections of all blocks overhauled including earthing pit maintenance.

Landscaping and Gardening

• Created a small garden outside the main gate to prevent that place from becoming a garbage dumping area.
• New grass carpets added to worn-out lawn patches.
• The tall tree behind D block was cut down as it was badly tilting and its roots were posing risk to the Cauvery Water sump behind D block.
• Bamboos adjacent to the swimming pool replaced with phycus plants to get rid of the problem of bamboo leaves falling on the swimming pool and impacting the water flow from the swimming pool to the balancing tank.

Swimming Pool

• Relaying of broken/cracked/loose tiles done in the swimming pool.
• Swimming pool floor now has lanes marked with dark tiles to help residents train well.
• Steel railings added on the southern side of the swimming pool to help beginners as well as others for resting.
• Railings over the overflow drain adjacent to the swimming pool painted and the drain width corrected to free up the railings.
• Better quality of showers installed in the changing rooms.
• Green patch around the swimming pool overhauled with large number of symmetric potted plants and added with drip irrigation system to reduce water wasting and mud-splashing.
• Lighting in the swimming pool area increased for those who swim in the evenings.


• Employer liability insurance done to cover risk on the direct staff employed by CGAOWA.
• Our homegrown accounting and system software now performing at a level that we could reduce the payout to our accountant by 50%.
• Switched to quarterly collection of maintenance dues.


• Solid Waste Management enhanced to help segregate wet and dry waste at source. Segregated waste is collected from doorstep and handed over to BBMP collectors.
• New door mats added – door mats now there at entry doors of A, B, C, D blocks and CD reception to keep the blocks clean.
• Duct cleaning done for A & B block.

Water Management

• The borewell, which had stopped functioning, has been re-installed with new pump at a different depth after scanning with submerged camera for water availability at different depths.
• Water saving device installed in all wash basin taps of all houses to conserve water.


• Started a welfare account for Security guards with equal contribution from CGAOWA and security agency to improve retention of guards.

Cultural & Sports

• Purchased amplifier and speakers so that we do not need to hire them for every festival.
• Serial lights for festivals were procured. This will save us on the renting aspect each year.
• Two large mats have been procured to make sitting on the floor at library and community hall comfortable.
• Diwali celebration scaled up with cultural function in open stage in the courtyard, followed by families dancing to the tunes played by a professional DJ and a sumptuous dinner.
• Annual Sports event was enhanced to include an Inter-block Rolling Trophy, which was won by D-block this year. For the first time, Badminton Tournament was conducted outside CG in an indoor facility. Skating competition was another new entry this over and above all other regular events like Walkathon, Swimming Competition, etc.


• Arranged AADHAAR card camp in CG campus by Karvy Consultants to make it easy for our residents to get enrolled.
• Purchased a HP LaserJet printer for the Maintenance office.

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