Garbage Segregation: Updates and Guidelines

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As already communicated to you, BBMP has made it mandatory to segregate the waste generated by Bangalore starting from 01st December 2014. Further, they will not collect any kind of waste (Wet, Dry, Toxic,…) from bulk waste generators such as CG. Bulk generator, in terms of residential communities, is defined as any apartment building our housing society that’s exceeding more than 50 units.

Garbage Segregation till now (before 01-Dec-2014)

We have been doing our bit in terms of segregating garbage for close to two years now. There have been recurring issues, though, in terms of things getting mixed up which makes it very difficult to properly compost, sell off or incinerate relevant parts. Further, since BBMP had a location based pickup service earlier who probably didn’t have an approval, it wasn’t visible to us where and how our mess was landing up.

However, the new norms would mean that we need to either (1) find BBMP approved vendors to pick all types of garbage from us, or (2) find ways to compost the wet waste (kitchen waste and partly garden waste too) generated by us.

Regardless of the route taken, it’s mandatory to segregate garbage strictly going forward, so that the wet waste is 100% compostable, the dry waste can be sold off/picked up and toxic waste handed over to an approved authority for incineration. Yes, it’s our turn to do our bit towards a healthy environment and greener earth.

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New Norms at CG

Before going into the details, you may Download this PDF Document that explains in detail how to segregate waste generated at your homes and what belongs where.

Incidentally, we have formed a Green Team at CG who will be tracking the progress and compliance of the segregation guidelines in our community along with taking part in new activities related to composting, recycling and other garbage management solutions.

Now, over to our specific guidelines and process…


  • Wet waste (kitchen waste) will be collected on a DAILY basis as it is done today
  • Wet waste has to be properly seggregated WITHOUT ANY TRACE OF OTHER MATTERS such as dry/toxic waste in it
  • Wet waste has to be stored in a PLASTIC BIN (with lid) with a GREEN STICKER on it
  • A LAYER OF NEWS PAPER has to be placed in the bin prior to dumping wet waste into the bins
  • Garden waste, if any, has to be separately provided in a paper bag

At the moment, we plan to engage an approved vendor to dispose all types of segregated waste. However, we may have our own composting unit to treat and convert qualified kitchen waste to organic manure


  • Toxic waste will be collected on a DAILY basis
  • Toxic waste has to be MANDATORILY WRAPPED IN NEWS PAPER or put in a PAPER BAG and handed over to the staff
  • Toxic waste has to be stored in a PLASTIC BIN (with lid) with a RED STICKER on it
  • Sanitary napkins, condoms, diapers, syringes, hair, nail, razor blades, waste from daily sweeping, medicine bottles, bulbs, broken glass pieces etc qualify for the toxic waste
  • Sharp objects such as broken glass pieces, syringes, needles, blades etc need to be separately packed and handed over


  • Dry waste will be collected WEEKLY THRICE (Sunday, Wednesday, Friday)
  • You may use Paper bags or Plastic bags to hand over the dry waste OR even directly dumped it to the collection bin
  • Dry waste such as milk packets, juice cartons etc MUST BE PROPERLY WASHED before dumping into the dry waste
  • Construction debris (such as broken bricks, furniture pieces, cement blocks, tiles,…) do not qualify for dry waste and must be handed over separately


  • We will be providing a set of Green and Red stickers to each household to mark the bins for wet waste and toxic waste respectively (sample stickers are shown on this page)
  • Please make sure that you place your wet and toxic waste bins at your door if nobody will be at home during collection hours
  • If you are going out on vacation, please dump your seggregated waste at the designated bins in the basement
  • Please cooperate with your housekeeping staff and the assigned Green Team Member
  • We will not be collecting the domestic waste, if you fail to adhere to the above norms

Finally, the cooperation of all residents is extremely crucial to the success of garbage management and green living at Celestial Greens and Bangalore. Hence, you may not only educate yourself but also spread the word (especially work with your maids, domestic helps and young children at home)

– CGAOWA Green Team

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  1. pushpendra |

    I suggest based on my experience …..continue with approved vendor to dispose all types of segregated waste. composting unit to treat and convert qualified kitchen waste to organic manure is costly and dirty affair ( Electricity Cost, Maintenance of equipment, Cleanliness of area around unit, staff cost, housekeeping cost ,quality of manure produced etc.).

So, what do you think ?

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