Celestial Greens is managed by the Celestial Greens Apartment Owners’ Welfare Association. The Associations elects a committee every year and this committee manages the day to day activities. You can read more about the  Association and Committeee in the About CGAOWA‘ page.

The Committee members are a bunch of enthusiatic people committed to make Celestial Greens a great place to live in. To know more about committee members and the current list, check out the ‘Committee Members’ page.

The Staff of Celestial Greens are the ones who keep alive the lifeline of Celestial Greens. Be it the routine activities or the incidental ones, they are there to support the residents. To know more about the staff, read the content on the ‘Our Staff & Vendors’ page.

In order to provide harmony and fairness in Celestial Greens, a set of rules and Regulations and Bye-laws are in place. To familiarize yourself with the Bye-laws, you can read more in the ‘Bye-laws & Guidelines’ page.